Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Phones

So Roy and I were due for an upgrade on our cell phones. It has been about two years since we got new ones. Mine, of course was in mint condition and well Roy's was... lets just say it was definatly time for a new one. We switched our plan and so I had to get a new phone becasue my old phone would not support the My faves we added. Well of course Roy needed the coolest with the newest technology. The one he wanted is pretty cool. We decided to get me one too. We have twinner phones now! Mine is pink and his is black. I felt like an old lady at the store though. The guy at the store had to show me how to use it. I was so used to my old phone that learning a new one sounded too complicated. I told Roy I was just getting to old to figure this kind of stuff out. Now I have had my new phone for about 24 hours, Roy has done done everything on it for me. I think I can make a phone call and answer an incoming call!!! I have gotten a little lazy with keeping up with technology because I always can count on Roy to do everything for me. I guess that is what he is there for! Thanks Roy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WIll I ever get caught up?

So I am supposed to have my lesson plans done a week in advance and posted on the school email for "important" people to look at or if I happened to get sick over the weekend a sub would know what to do. Well this past weekend I got a weeks worth done and posted. I felt great, like I was all caught up. But then I looked around my room and remembered all the things I want to rearrange, clean up, go through, hang on the wall, create buliton bords..... the list goes on and on. I can only do one thing at a time. So now that I am caught up with lesson plans, the plan is to; on Monday do the next Monday plan, and Tuesday do the next weeks Tuesday plan and so forth. This way I stay a week ahead. Thank goodness I have found some kind of system. Now after school I don't feel overwhelmed about what I am going to do the next day and I can spend a "little" time getting things done on my long list. One thing at a time is what I have to remind myself. Maybe by Christmas my room will resemble a bit of me rather than 4 substitute teachers. And yes I am still grading that lovely stack of papers for grades since I now have access to the grade book and there were NO GRADES for the whole tirmester, which ends on the 21st of November. Yeah wish me luck on pulling stuff from who knows where to give the students grades on things that were taught at the begining of the school year. (just venting a little)

Monday, November 3, 2008


This past weekend Roy and I didn't have school because it was Nevada Day. We decided to go home and see our families for Halloween. As many of you know that is my Dads holiday!!! We decided to keep it a secret from my parents and suprise them at their house that night. We all dressed up, even the dog. I was a nurse, Roy was an anesthesiologist, and of course Molly was a little devil. It was so fun to see thier faces when we showed up. My Dad was dressed up as Frankenstien. He reminded me of a character at Disneyland when he saw us. His movements had to show his expression since he was inside a mask. Then he gave us a HUGE hug! I had my camera ready by the time we saw my mom. Roy went up to my mom and said "Trick or Treat" I think it scared her a little, but she was excited to see us. She didn't expect us to be there. Soon my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins showed up. It was a big party. Even my sister and her husband came down from Logan. We ate and ate and ate. I love being at my parents house at Halloween. It is always so much fun. I love listening to all the kids say how cool or scary our house is. It has definatly turned into a big tradition. Here are a few pictures of Halloween and our trip home.

Random Pictures of our lives