Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we spent Thanksgiving here in Las Vegas. Roy's mom and sister came down to eat with us. Roy was in charge of the turkey and did a fantastic job. He stuffed it with fruit and bathed it in butter and spices.

Dinner turned out delicious. But of course we ate too much and had a 2 hour nap.

At midnight we went to the outlet malls for some shopping. I don't feel as safe here shopping on black Friday as I did in Utah. We decided to sleep in a little Friday morning since we were out late. We hit up all the stores around ten and still got everything we wanted. Roy and I got some great deals. I am just trying to explain to him why he has to wait until Christmas to have it. He argues that he already knows about it so why can't he have it now. Boys...

Today I put up the Christmas tree. Roy is eagerly working on his PGA kits so he wouldn't help. He came out every now and again to check on me and give me a kiss. This year is our "red tree". We alternate the "golf tree" and the "red tree" each year. It looks so cute. The only problem is that we have such a little apartment there is no space in our living area for it. So it is in the dining area this year. Macie was scared of the tree as I put it up. Molly soon showed her there was noting to be scared of. Now Macie is curious of it and smelling everything around it. Now we just cross our fingers that she doesn't chew anything up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Today two of my students called me mom. I finally said, "Do I look like a mom? I am not one, I don't have kids." The students laughed and couldn't belive I was not a mom. Then I said back, "Well I guess I am a mom to my dogs." One of my very smart boys said back to me. "You were pregnant with dogs?"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bath Time

Macie is getting bigger so indstead of giving her a bath in the sink we have moved her to the tub. As you can see she really likes the running water. If you need a good laugh just watch Macie! It sure made us laugh!

I think she likes to drink water. What do you think?

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Late Halloween Post

For Halloween we made our way up to Orem, UT to see our families. Like I have said before my family really gets into Halloween. We were very busy while we were there and were able to see a few friends. Ellie, Steve, and Lilly were dressed up as an i-pod. Lilly was the i-pod and they were the L and R headphones. How creative are they?

I was my usual doctor/nurse, or as my parents' neighbor Josh called me a dental assistant!!! We had lots of fun seeing our families. I love that my parents have so much fun on Halloween despite all the work that goes into it.
Yes my dad is Frankenstein and my mom is a Pirate.

And of course I am not sure what the dogs thing of all this Halloween mess. I guess they don't really get a choice!!!
If you look closely in the car window you can see the witch flying!

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