Thursday, June 28, 2012

Looking pretty comfortable

I had to giggle a little when I looked over at the iPad and saw Ellie napping like this.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picnic on the lake

Last week we went up to Utah to visit family and for Roy to play in the Provo Open golf tournament. Roy played well and won 225 dollars. Not bad for his 2nd professional event. (the first one we discovered he had a broken wrist and he only missed the money by one shot!) Anyway, while Roy was playing we went out to Utah Lake on the boat. It was Ellie's first time out on Grandma and Grandpa's boat. I wasn't sure how she would like it and wearing a life jacket. Turns out she liked both. She was upset at the end when I took off her jacket. Roy told me she was not allowed in the water because he was worried not being there, but Ellie loves water and all she wanted to do was to get in. So I broke the rule and let her get in. I think she will be a fish this summer! We enjoyed some sandwiches, chips, and drinks for lunch. It was a fun trip!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ellie's first pool experience

We decided to take Ellie out to the pool last night. It had been such a hot day we all needed to cool off. Ellie really enjoyed it after she decided it was like a big bath tub and she could splash. One of my students last year got her a yellow floating tube. She loved being pushed back and forth between Roy and I. The picture doesn't do justice for how much she liked it. I am sure we will spend plenary if time at the pool this summer.

Random Pictures of our lives