Sunday, April 19, 2009

Macie the Magician and Family Pictures

The first day we had Macie we had her in her kennel and she hated it. She got herself so worked up that she had something come out of each end.... So we decided we would gate her and Molly up in the bathroom while we were gone. This seemed to work for a couple of weeks until she chewed through the gate. We then got a heavy duty gate that she would not possibly be able to chew through. Well lets just say she didn't chew through it, but she has found a clever way of getting her way. She is very quick about it. I put her behind the gate, walked to the kitchen, turned around and she was already standing there wagging her tail and looking at me for some kind of treat. Here is a video of her.

Macie got put back in the kennel that night while we were out to dinner with Roy's sister. We came home to a kennel full of throw up. So she has won and now she and Molly get to wander the house. We keep our fingers crossed every second we are gone that we don't come home to a marvelous mess. So far so good though.

Also while we were in Utah for spring break we had some "family" pictures taken. Roy's sister Leslie majoring in photography at UVU. She did these last minute for us. THANK YOU LESTER! They turned out pretty cute and we are happy to have recent pictures of both of us and the dogs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Remembering Daisy-

Never in my life could I imagine myself getting so attached to a dog. Daisy was the greatest dog anyone could ever ask for. Her unconditional love and constant wagging tail made her a joy to be around everyday. Her love for my mom was almost overwhelming at times, but it made my mom smile on a daily basis. When we first got Daisy she had been hit by a car and the previous owners were not able to pay the medical bills for her. We picked her up from our vet with a giant pink cast on her front leg. The part that amazed me is that she was still happy, even though it was tough for her to get around. We nursed her back to health by feeding her ridiculous amounts of fast food and she quickly became part of the family. I will never forget the time my dad threw her across the room for stealing his sandwiches, or the time that she somehow got the muffins off the counter. We all loved to hear her sing, well except Maggie....

When our family loses a dog it is just as bad as loosing a best friend. We love our animals more than most can imagine. Daisy, we will miss you dearly. You were truly the best dog a family could ask for. We will miss your crazy tail, your basset hound howl, and I will bet we even miss your smell. We can all take a page out of Daisy's book. Let's rush to the door when our spouses or children come home. Let's climb under the blankets and snuggle when it is cold. Let's enjoy the company of other people...and animals. Let's show unconditional love to our friends and families. We love you Daisy, say hello to Waldo and Maggie for me.

All I know is that if my dogs aren't in heaven when I get there, I may not stay!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Spring Break 2009 Blog

It finally came! Roy and I were running on fumes these last few weeks. We just needed a break and were excited to go home to Utah and see family since we hadn't see most of them since Christmas. We drove home after school let out Friday night and got into town just before midnight. We were a little concerned with how Macie would handle the 5-6 hour drive, but she did wonderful. The five days we were there went by very quickly. We went shopping (and I got 2 new pairs of AWESOME shoes), hung out with a few friends, went to a Flash basketball game with my family, and got some family pictures taken of Roy and I and some with the dogs. Hopefully we will post some of those pictures soon!!!

Macie got to meet her "Grandma Dog" (this is Roy's mom, she is the grandma to all the dogs) They all love her to death, maybe because she feeds them so much people food.

I just have to share this photo with everyone. Our friends Ellie and Steve (who now live in our old apartment) have the cutest little girl Lilly. Every time I hold her she cries, but for some reason she is in love with Roy or maybe just his hat. I can't wait until we have kids, Roy will be a great dad!!!

We came home with few days to spare so I could get the house clean and some laundry done. I also talked Roy into letting me get a pedicure. They were very busy and so they asked if it was okay if I just soak my feet longer... of course I didn't mind. But my feet look much better and guess what color my toes are now... well they are pink again. I always paint them bright pink!

I also finally took pictures of the rooms I painted for you all to see.

Random Pictures of our lives