Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Me

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Update

I know it has not been that long since I last blogged, but I really feel like I have neglected to write about my summer. As you know I am in Utah living with my family for a few months while Roy is on his internship. I have stayed quite busy doing crafts and chores. But I did get to go out to Nebraska and visit Roy a couple weeks ago. That has been the highlight of my summer so far. While I was there we went to Mount Rushmore, and visited a few tourist attractions along the way. It was as blast to spend some time with him.

Standing at the bottom of Smith Falls. Don't we look awesome with our pant legs rolled up?

At Snake River Falls in Nebraska

Smith Falls Haha our waterfall!!! Isn't it pretty?

Two days after I got home from Nebraska I packed again to head down for our families annual Lake Powell trip. It was much more relaxing this year knowing I didn't have to be back to work and figure out how to teach kindergarten the very next week. There was lots of wind but it didn't stop us from enjoying our time there. Everyday we packed a picnic for lunch and went to see something like Rainbow Bridge, Hole in the rock, and the Indian Ruins. We also found a water cave that we could go in to get out of the sun. Finally on the last day the weather was finally good enough to ski on, so we postponed our packing up a few hours to get some skiing and wake boarding in. WOW are my muscles sore now... Well worth it though. Now I am home and am trying to keep myself occupied before I leave for Las Vegas on Sunday to attend a conference. Water cave

Rainbow Bridge with everyone: Dad, Mom, Angela, Zachary, Ariele, Alyson, and Alyce.
Me, Aunt Alyson, and My mom before got pulled behind the boat.
Hanging out in the shade of a canyon. AHH

Random Pictures of our lives