Monday, January 26, 2009

Great lesson

For all you teachers out there you will appreciate this moment I had today. I had planned to have the students make the geometrical shapes out of salt dough. They then would write the numbers of faces, edges and vertexes for each. I knew the kids would have fun and that it would be a really engaging lesson. (I had this idea at our professional development about engaging students last Friday) Anyways I thought to myself this morning, "man it would really be cool if I got my second evaluation done during this lesson today" Well, you guessed right. I didn't even say anything to my supervisor I was doing this great lesson and she showed up. She said the lesson was great and the students really did well with it. She even told my class they have an amazing teacher and to give me a round of applause!! So I am pretty sure I nailed my evaluation.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend to Arizona

We spent the the long weekend in Arizona visiting Roy's friend Cody and his wife Melissa. They recently had a baby and we went to see him and catch up. Roy met Cody while he was on the golf team at UVSC. Of course they had to play golf. They had a lot of fun, Cody even helped Roy fix his swing. YAY!!! We had lots of fun and wish we lived closer to them. Molly had a blast. Cody and Melissa have two dogs. Molly got a long so well with them. In fact, we had to separate them once in a while to let them catch their breath.

The trip home was LONG. The day after we got back home from our Christmas break Molly had gotten an infection of some kind. We called our Vet back in Utah and she prescribed an antibiotic for her. We had her on it for 2 weeks and it was not getting better. Because of this infection she had, she omitted this terrible metallic smell. The reason this trip was so long was 6 hours in the car with this smell could have been enough to kill you.

We decided to take Molly into a Vet out here in Vegas. I asked around at my school to find a good one. Roy took her while I was at work. Poor Molly. She had the works done to her. Her infection was really bad, they cleaned her out (from the backside) shot her up with some direct antibiotics and then prescribed her pills as well. The Vet said that he had never smelled a smell that bad in his career. Of course Molly was so good, she let them do whatever they needed to do to her. I think she knew they were making her better. Roy said every time they brought her out a different person was carrying her because they wanted to hold the cute puppy. That very night she was feeling much better. She had a little twinkle in her eye and seemed happier. She has had so many baths this month because of her stench... she now has a new word in her vocabulary and she doesn't like it. BATH.

Molly has been such a good friend to have in our family.

Hoover Dam

They are building a new bridge at the dam to cross. It is absolutly amazing they way they are building it. It is going to be very tall. We tried to get some pictures of it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can I vent?

It seems that there is always something for me to be stressing about. When we first moved here I stressed about getting a teaching job. Then I got a teaching job and stressed about how to be a good teacher and keep on top of things. I am feeling much more comfortable in that area. Now within the last week both of our cars are having issues and Roy has still not found a job for the semester . Oh and I have had some kind of sinus cold for the last month that will not go away. Why does it seem that when one thing goes wrong everything else seems to go with it. Is there ever going to be a point in my life where things work out and I (little miss worry wort) won't stress?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a trip!

We had the chance to go home for the holidays and we took full advantage of it. We were able to spend almost 2 weeks with our families and friends. Molly had surgery the Monday before Christmas. I think we all felt bad for her because she just about had the most presents under the tree. She recovered well and is doing great!!! Christmas was wonderful and New Years was one of the funniest nights of our lives. Christmas was pretty normal, we woke up early and opened presents at the Smith home then we drove to Lehi to visit the Bale family, unfortunately Aubri was sick and we weren't really able to see her. We went home to shower and get ready for the day and then Angie and I went to her parents house for some more presents. As tradition goes, we then began our snowy trip to Heber to see Angie's grandparents and extended family. The weather was pretty bad but luckily we all made it alive...even We all snacked and visited for a few hours and then decided to leave before it got too dark. Overall the day was very enjoyable.

New Years eve we actually went out. Usually we stay home and play games with friends. We headed up to First Night in SLC with our friends Ellie, Steve and their cute little baby Lilly. We ate dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and then hung out with millions of people. It was a little chilly but we survived. The fireworks were fun to watch and we even got to have our first new years kiss. AHHH!!! Of course we have new years resolutions. We are both going to lose 25 pounds. NO GOLF UNTIL IT HAPPENS..... Wish us luck!!!


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