Saturday, April 6, 2013

A lot has happened since I last blogged

The title of this post says it all.  

Roy has officially changed jobs. He left the Las Vegas country Club after almost 4 years of working.  I was very stressed.  It payed less per hour, but with all the extra stuff he is allowed to do he actually makes about twice as much as his old job.  So it has been a good move.  After he had been there about 3 weeks they decided to promote him to Head Golf Professional.  This title came with more responsibility and more hours.  He now gets why I am tired when I get home from work.  
He decided that the Mazda was not an appropriate car for a Head Pro so we traded the Nitro back in and got a Cadillac CTS.  We have loved this car since it came out in 2003 but was always out of our price range.  We found a great deal on a 2008 that was in amazing condition. 

We finished our backyard thanks to the Bale Family.  They ended up coming down twice to get it done.  Thanks to the rain the first time around we had to reschedule.  We love it right now.  Ellie and the dogs love to go out and play.  

Ellie spent  a lot of time being sick.  She keeps getting ear infections.  Hopefully she is done now that the cold and flu season is over.  If she gets too many more we will be visiting an ENT.  (ear, nose, and throat doctor)  Anyways I ended up taking almost a week off work to stay home with her.  I felt bad abandoning my students, but my little bean came first!

Easter weekend was fun.   We made sugar cookies in the shape of leaves (my egg cookie cutter was MIA) and decorated them cute.  Ellie had a blast watching mommy bake.  She even liked eating them.  Grandma Smith and Aunt Leslie came down the weekend before and hid some eggs.  Of course Leslie documented it very well.  She captured the cranky looks she had.  It was cold and windy and she wanted nothing to do with the egg hunt.  She got a new Spring dress and the Easter bunny even found our new house.  

Ellie is almost 2.  I can't believe it.  She is speaking so well.  We have so many people tell us they can't believe how well she talks.  She pretty much uses complete sentences and loves to make us laugh.  She is really excited she is going to have a birthday party this year.  She wants a Mickey Mouse party.  That should be fun thanks to Pinterest!  

Anyway here are a bunch of pictures.  They are in a random order and I don't know how to switch it on the iPad.  So deal with it.  Thanks for reading and hopefully I don't go two months again without blogging. 

New Easter Dress
Easter Egg hunt pictures

The Easter Bunny came!
The egg hunt
Back of the new car
It's cold out here!
Egg hunt
Front of the new car
Egg hunt
What's inside? Snacks!
Our Easter leaf eggs
Side fo the new car
Egg hunt

Random Pictures of our lives