Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a Busy Week

Well it has been a busy week.

Football season is in full swing so Ellie and Roy are sure to not miss a game.

Trying to figure out a whole new curriculum, with new standards for the district and a new way of having to do lesson plans is pretty much making me go CRAZY. I am slowly getting it figured out, but what a lot of extra work some of it is.

This past week I turned 27. Yep one year older. Still feel young, so that is good I guess. Roy was an amazing husband. I will just make a list of ALL the things he did to keep it exciting for me.

  • Breakfast in bed with the Beatles birthday song blasting!

  • Flowers at work and he had them sing and guess how old I was. (the kids thought I was only 16)

  • Ice Cream cake

  • New sheets for our bed (that I wanted) he washed and dryed them and had the whole bed made when I got home from work.

  • He aslo got me an excercise ball since I really don't have time to go to the gym to work out after work.

  • Then we went to dinner!!! (Thanks Aubri for the Cheese Cake Factory gift card)

I think my husband should win Husband of the year!

My teenie tiny ice cream cake!!! I am pretty sure it cost more that my plate at dinner! But is sure was yummy!
Happy 27th Birthday Angie!!!
We also had Open house at school last night. I think this should be done before school even starts, not 3 weeks after. Oh well. I had an amazing turn out!!! NOT. I had 5 families come out of 19 students. I believe that is 26%.

Well now the week has come to an end. I have been able to clean my house a little and help out with some laundry. It is much harder to rest because Ellie is very active and wants to be doing stuff all the time. Hmmm I wonder where she got that gene from??? Well better get back to my family! Thanks for reading.

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