Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The countdown is on

Spring break is right around the corner. Roy and I have decided to go on a cruise. We are so excited. We are leaving from San Diego and going to Mexico. We haven't been on a vacation together alone since before we moved here to Vegas. But we used to vacation here in Vegas so it seems that we haven't gone anywhere together since our honeymoon.

Roy's mom will be watching our little pot guts. She is meeting us in St. George on Saturday morning to pick them up. I am sure going to miss the girls but they will enjoy time at their "grandma dogs" house. Roy will enjoy not waking up at 3am to take them out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Must Have Looked Like a Pig

Yesterday all the girls and I went out to see a friend that was in town from Texas. We went to Metro Pizza. I had never been there before and Roy was very jealous that I was going without him. I decided to be the best wife and order a pizza by myself so I would have left overs to take home to him. Well when they brought out my pizza it was way bigger than I thought a large pizza would be. I mean we are talking Costco size pizza here. All for me!!! At least that is what it looked like. Well it was delicious and I am sure we will be eating it for days.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Lots of things have been finished this weekend.

The 2nd trimester of the school year has come to an end, and that means I am finished with the students' report cards. We are to do mandatory comments for each student and that has meant late nights for me.
Also my bed spread came in. The red color was different than I had expected. It is still cute though. I also found some curtains that look cute with it the set.

Also my car has been in the shop getting fixed since it was hit a week and a half ago. Our insurance is still trying to catch this guy. We will just keep our fingers crossed so we can possibly get our $500 detectable back.

I had to take this picture. While my car was in the shop I had the yellow beetle as a rental. My friend I teach kindergarten with has one too. On Friday she couldn't help but to park next to me.

Here is Macie I just had to share this with you. She just finished begging for food and didn't get any. She is my cute little girl.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

While My Car Gets Fixed

On Saturday last week a few days after my car got hit by a stupid person that ran off we drove my car on the freeway. It was a little shakey and we think it was due to the accident. We decided it was not too safe to drive around while we wait and see if we can catch this guy. So we decided to get it fixed and pay our detectable hoping to get reimbursed if this idiot gets caught. Well in the mean time I get to drive this around. I used to want one, it is fun to drive around but I still miss my Mazda. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow.

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