Monday, October 31, 2011

6 Years

Well I am a little late posting this but Roy and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on October 20th. We hardly got to see eachother that day. Between my job and his school schedule that day I felt happy to get a kiss. I did have a little message written with dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror. But don't worry. We did go out together (even without Ellie) to celebrate 2 days later. Roy's mom was here to watch Ellie. We went out to dinner at Panera Bread. (Kind of lame but I was not too hungry). Then we went to the Vertical Horizon Concert at the Silverton Hotel/Casino. We had pretty good seats. I would say the 5th row. Then we got to meet the band afterwards. Trust me we didn't wait for hours in line. We were some of the first out so we were 2nd line to see them. So we bought their new CD and had them all autograph it. They were pretty nice.
These past 6 years have flown by and I am sure we are on warp speed now that Ellie is here. She will be 6 months next week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Scooter!

Four years ago we had this scooter...

And now we have this scooter.She only scoots backwards right now and she got herself stuck under the couch.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun and Busy Weekend

Friday night Roy had his annual softball game with the PGA students. Ellie and I were the only spectators... It was still fun to watch Roy hit a home run! On Saturday we attended the 17th annual Bite of Las Vegas. It was our 3rd time attending. It is something fun and cheap to do here in Vegas. We got there early before it got too hot since this year we have Ellie to worry about. We got to see Colbie Caillat perform and we also tested food from a few restaurants around town. We have found two new restaurants we can't wait to visit. Maybe this Thursday we will check one out for our 6 year anniversary.

Ellie and Roy listening to the music.

The most delicious drink from Hash Hash a Go Go. We get this every year and it is YUMMY!

Trying to keep Ellie in the shade. Everyone thought she was so cute. The security guards there couldn't get over how funny it was that she had sunglasses on.

With all these fun events going on I still had my usual weekend list of "things to do" plus extra stuff that has not been getting done. Having a baby makes getting things that you can put off done... so I think I am almost caught up. I wish I had time to clean the carpets, but instead here I sit writing a blog... There is always next week, Right?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cozy Ellie

I know I am posting a lot of Ellie lately, but she is much more cute and entertaining than me!!! This past week has been very cold in Las Vegas. We have had lots of rain too. Ellie wasn't sleeping too well and we decided it was because she was too cold. She is a kicker and won't keep a blanket on at night. I remembered we got these awesome sleeping bag sleepers at her shower up in Utah. I dug them out and she is sleeping much better and just looks so cozy. SEE.

Oh and this picture was also taken at 5 months. Can you believe she is that old already. AND I finally reached my pre pregnancy weight. It only took 5 months. Better than the 9 it took me to gain it! Now to keep losing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What a Cutie Pie

Ellie stays very active all day. She doesn't stop talking and is rolling from side to side all day long. Apparently she wore herself out and crashed.

Today Ellie is 21 weeks old. One week shy of 5 months. I can't believe how fast time flies when you have a baby. They really do grow so fast. I love how happy she is all the time.

Oh and we can't forget about Macie. Isn't she cute too? She found a warm pile of Ellie's laundry and decided to get comfy. Ellie really thinks the dogs are funny. If she sees them she usually laughs and then sticks her hand out for Molly to lick. Don't worry I clean her hand very well after she has done this.

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