Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homemade BBQ Pizza

Roy and I were able to spend the day together since we had to stay home and watch to make sure Molly didn't have an allergic reaction to her shots. Anyway we cooked dinner together and it was so YUMMY!!! We even made the crust from scratch.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Late Christmas

So I know I already got spoiled for Christmas by getting a new sewing machine, but I had volunteered to host a Lia Sophia jewelery party in the middle of January. Roy and I decided that I could have an allotment of money to be able to spend at it. Well as a host you get some amazing benefits. I had a perfect party which meant I had 10 orders and 2 other people signed up to throw a party of their own. Well, because of that I was able to get some AMAZING deals on some very fashionable jewelery. Maybe I am turning into a girly girl??? I don't know, but I was so excited to day when it showed up. Here are my prizes.

Before I opened them all.....

Ta DA!!!!
6 pairs of earrings
10 necklaces
2 bracelets

Thanks to everyone who ordered and made my show a success!!

Now I think I need to invest in a jewelery box.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Calling

Well apparently we will never have kids. I will not want to because after being with them all week at school and I now get to spend my Sunday afternoons in the nursery. Yup Nursery, ah and Roy lucked out and doesn't have to be in there with me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not Too Exciting

I feel like I have not blogged for a while... But nothing has happened in our lives. Roy is back to school, I am working a lot, and the dogs, well they are just their silly selves. We have continued to house hunt. We found out yesterday that we had an offer accepted on a house we had put on offer on just after Christmas. But we pulled the offer because on Monday we went to go see it again and found some water damage in the garage. I am bummed big time. It was a perfect house, but we don't want to get into a mess to start with. So we are back at it, we have an offer in on a short sale, but those take forever so who know when we will have more news. Now I just heard today that they are making getting an FHA loan even more ridiculous. It is going to cost us even more that it already would... AHHHHH sorry I guess I am just venting.
Again hopefully something cool our fun will happen so there is something interesting to blog about.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Big Update From Our Winter Break

I know it has been less than a month since I have posted, but a lot has happened. I will of course give the readers digest story of it all. (since you probably don't want to read it all and I don't have hours to spend writing it)

Christmas break was wonderful. I was able to have 16 consecutive days off work. Boy did I need a break. Roy was also able to take 6 days off of work so we could go up to Orem, Utah to spend Christmas with our families.

22nd- Got last minute gifts.... mostly stuff for us.

23rd- spent the day with Roy's family and had a nice dinner with his sister Aubri and her family. Also went to the Robert's craft Christmas sale and got tons of decorations for 75% off!!!

24th- Had a nice Christmas dinner with my family, then went to Nephi to see my Grandma Prisbrey.

25th- Christmas morning, slept in til about 7:00 Utah time (6:00 NV time) and went to Lehi to see the Bale's Christmas. Went to my house, opened presents, took a nap, and the boys all played poker. Then we went to Roy's house and opened more presents. Then we just RELAXED.
We got some pretty awesome Christmas presents. even the dogs. Macie was very excited to get a rawhide hot dog.

I got a sewing machine and Roy got a guitar. He is learning to play it so fast I can't believe it.

26th- Took my parents to dinner and a Jazz game for my dad's Christmas present, don't worry it was fair, we got my mom a new sewing machine.

27th- drove back to Las Vegas.

Had a nice few days off and also looked at houses again, wrote an offer and are still waiting to hear back. Then our friends Ellie and Steve and their cute little girl Lilly came to spend New Years with us. We have decided we might make it a tradition since we have now spent the last 2 years with them at this time.

Lilly seemed to enjoy the basket of dog toys.

31st- Drove up to the temple and watched the fireworks that were shot off the top of the hotels on the strip (very cool, but they all looked like they were on fire.)

Happy New Year!!!

1st- Went shopping with Ellie and Steve while Roy worked, then made chicken fajitas for dinner.

2nd- Ellie and Steve skipped a wedding and spent more time with us, but eventually they had to leave. We washed the cars, took the Christmas tree down, and then had more friends over that evening.

3rd-New church time 1:00. I am not a fan, yes I love to sleep in but I don't like to go to bed right when I get home... Cooked dinner and took to friends house and played some Wii games.

4th -BACK TO WORK :( but it was fun to see my students again.

Random Pictures of our lives