Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why We Have Dogs

I often wonder if I should answer this question in a positive or negative way... But we love them even when they do this while we are gone out to dinner.

See they can be sweet and loving. This is the reason we keep them around. They are always so fun to come home too. They run to the door to greet us. Who else do you know that is that excited when you come home? They love us too, they wait all day looking out the window for us, if you ever drive by you will probably see one of them peeking out the window. So why do we have dogs?? Because we fell in love with them and can't seem to stop. EVEN WHEN THEY CHEW UP A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Am I Really This Mean?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aunt Angie

My little sister MaryAnne had her baby about 2 weeks ago while we were on our cruise. We get to go up to Logan, Utah next weekend and see him. Here is a sneak peek of him. Isn't he cute? I love the dark hair. (I hope my kids have dark hair)

Conner Clark Hansen 5lb 10oz and 19 inches long. March 29, 2010

My sister is amazing, she is a trooper, she made it through so many complications at delivery and still has a smile on her face! GO MARYANNE!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Didn't Sink

We have arrived home from our spring break vacation. On Monday we drove down to San Diego, CA to get on the Carnival Elation ship. We practiced what to do if there was an emergency and then sailed off out into the Pacific Ocean.

Tuesday we had a day at sea. We slept in, ate breakfast,I laid out, Roy gambled (as if he would never get a chance again. ha ha) ate lunch, took a nap, ate dinner. Yes we enjoyed all the sleep with out interruptions from the dogs. Each night we came to our rooms to find a towel animal sitting on the bed. They were kind of fun to see.

Tuesday night was also the elegant evening. Roy and I went out to dinner in our "fancy" attire. We didn't really want to pack to much, but I must say we ended up looking pretty sharp.
Wednesday we arrived at Catalina Island. It was very windy this trip so it wasn't very warm. Of course I forgot to pack a jacket so I had an excuse to buy a souvenir sweatshirt from the island. Roy and I wandered around the island for a while and then found a miniature golf course. We played and Roy only beat me by 5 shots. I felt pretty good about that!!! We bought our souvenir magnet and got back on a small boat to get back on the big boat. We sailed all night long through the very rough seas. We both had to go to bed early since we were sea sick. You can see in the picture how windy our trip was the whole time.

Thursday morning we woke up in Mexico. We really slept in, until almost 10. We got up ate breakfast, got off the boat to head into Ensanada, Mexico. We laugh now, but we were only on land for 45 minutes and spent $7.00. We didn't feel too safe there in Mexico with the hummers driving down the street with big guns sticking out of them with a person ready to shoot. So we got our souvenir magnet, and were back on the boat. We napped, ate lunch, and just watched a movie. That evening we went to a hyptamatist show and watched people do some pretty silly things. After that we went to watch karaoke. Ha ha people are funny.

Friday morning we woke up back in San Diego, we ate breakfast, and got ready to get off the ship. After waiting and waiting we finally were back on land. We are still walking like we are on water though.

We got back in our car and paid a million dollars for parking and off we went. We drove over the big bridge to Coronado, CA and found a beach. I laid out some more and Roy walked the beach alone looking for sea shells. We decided he must be ADD because he can't just sit/lay around like I enjoy doing.

One last trip we had to make was to a Chick-fil-a. Roy loves this restaurant and there is not one in Las Vegas. Now that his tummy was happy we made the long trip back to Vegas. We had a very relaxing trip even with all the wind. It was only a 4 day cruise, but I feel like I hadn't been to work for weeks.

While we were gone my little sister MaryAnne had her baby boy. It was a relief to find out while we were in Catalina to know everything turned out well after many complications. I am now officially Aunt Angie by blood. We can't wait to see him in a couple of weeks when we venture back to Utah.

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