Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow in Vegas

It is has happened. I didn't think it would but it has finally snowed in Las Vegas. It now feels a little like the Christmas Season. Molly had her first experience with snow and I am not sure if she likes it or just tolerates it. She better get used to it because she will have 2 weeks in Utah with it.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This week we have parent teacher conferences. After I had scheduled with all the parents times to meet with them I find out that I had to go to a training on Tuesday. I had conferences scheduled to start at 3:20 that day. The training was not supposed to get over until 3:00 and it was almost a forty minute drive back to my school. Luckily I was able to talk to the presenter today and she let us out early so I could get back in time. Since I had to miss school during the day I had to get my first sub. I hated the thought of having someone else being in control of my class and hoping they would do what I wanted them to do. I stayed late at school last night getting sub plans typed up and copies made. I was so proud of myself at how organized I was for making it very simple for the sub. I didn't think anything could go wrong. Well I got back from my training to find out that the sub I had scheduled did not show up. My students got split up between four or five other classrooms with other teachers. Finally around 10:30-11:00 they got sub in my room. I couldn't believe it. I was happy to see that the sub did a good job while he was there and he left me a really nice note. The note started out. "You had the best sub plans I have ever seen." At least that made me feel good. Well I hurried and read the rest of the note from him and found out that my class was well behaved and were probably one of the best well behaved classes during the Awards assembly they attended. Thank goodness for good students. I have a sub that said he would sub for me again in a heartbeat. I then continued with Parent Teacher Conferences until 6:00. They went well and all the parents are happy that their students finally have a teacher.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our ten O'clock at night candy house building experience.

While I was up at home for Thanksgiving visiting my Grandma Hicken she had given me all the pieces to make a gingerbread candy house. I took it thinking it would be very fun and easy to make. Growing up I always went to her house to make them and decorate them. She always did the hard work. I just showed up to stick the candy on. This time she did most of the hard work, but I had to make the frosting. I have never made this frosting before, all I really knew about it was that you have to hurry because it hardens fast and it hardens like cement. The first batch was to runny. So I learned from my mistake and made a second batch which might have been to think but at least it didn't run off the side of the house and things could actually stick to it. In the process of hurrying and learning from my mistake I must have had some kind of fun making the frosting because I have the pictures to prove it. Roy finally got guts to come into the mess I had made to help decorate the house. We put Frutie Pebble on the roof, we made a path out of Hershey's chocolate and a fence out of pretzels. My grandma always bought the candy too. I couldn't find many of the things we used growing up with to decorate so we had to get creative. (hence the Frutie Pebbles). But it actually turned out really cute. The final picture with the whole family didn't get taken until the next morning because the frosting in some spots was to runny and was having a hard time holding up the fence. Here are a few pictures of our 10:00 pm candy house building experience!!!

As you can probably see, Molly really loved this activity. She enjoyed licking up the powered sugar I spilled on the floor. She also enjoyed the Dots that went flying everywhere when I opened the box. She is such a joy to have around the house and I am so happy she leaves the Christmas tree alone.!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Smith's Funniest Home Videos

Molly at the dog park playing with a baby

Basset hound.

Molly chasing her tail for way too long.

Apparently she doesn't like the vacuum.

We can't wait to go home for Christmas

Roy and I are having a hard time feeling the Christmas spirit. When we put our tree up it was 70 degrees. It was weird to see blue sky and palm trees outside instead of dead trees and snow. It is begining to look like fall not winter. We both grew up in Orem, Utah and it was always cold and snowy this time of year. It is weird how that can set up the season for you. We are eager to come home next Saturday. We will be stopping in Nephi for the anual Prisbrey family Christmas party. It is a hoot!!! Santa comes and he is hillarious.

I also can't wait to go home because I need a break. This teaching stuff is not easy. It really wears me out. I am probably at the school nine hours a day and still have to go in on Saturday and bring stuff home to grade. I don't know what is worng, but I feel like am doing the bare minimum and still have no time. I don't know how some teachers do amazing things and they are never at the school. They leave right when the bell rings and never come in early. AHHH maybe one day I will have my head on straight. If anyone out there as any suggestions or advise PLEASE let me know.
Roy is up in St. George today playing golf with a fried today. I went into school for a while then came home and was not in the mood to clean. I decided to take a few pictures of our Christmas tree for everyone to see. Well that turned into me taking pictures of our little Molly. (She is just so cute) So here are some pictures of our tree and her. We have a little pink jacket for her to wear because sometimes she shivers and doesn't want to go outside to do her business. That is something she can't get away with if you know what I mean. Anyway Roy's friend Wayne who he is golfing with today is coming back down here with Roy and is spending the week with us. Since Roy is done with finals and has a week off while I finish teaching they are going to go play some sweet golf. Roy has met many people down here and has made arrangments at some really nice courses for them to go and play for free or practically nothing. They are very excited.
Well this is what happens when I don't write on my blog for almost a month, sorry there was so much.... but thanks for reading.

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