Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well it was an interesting Christmas this year.  Roy volunteered to work on Christmas morning.  We had originally planned to wake  up early and open presents and see what Santa brought.  Well that plan didn't happen.  Ellie ended up with a fever so we took her to the doctor on Christmas Eve morning.  She still had an earache so they put her on a second round of antibiotics.  By about 7 that night her fever was still around 103.  So we decided to go to an urgent care to see if there was something else wrong.  Turned out she had the flu.  She got a shot and a bunch more medicine.  Her fever dropped quickly after her shot and we decided we should still go to Utah.  I guess Santa forgot to come Christmas Eve. We were out late getting prescriptions and Roy had to get up early.  So we decided Ellie was young enough we could postpone Santa coming until we got back from Utah.  It was fun to play Santa this year.  We had all sorts of fun things for her to play with.  She got SOOOOO much stuff but it will be nice for her to have some age appropriate toys that might entertain her for more than 2 minutes.  Santa brought her a kitchen, table and chairs, a baby doll crib, high chair, stroller, and car seat.  He also had a cash register and cart for her to go shopping with.  All have been a big hit.  I think she was a little overwhelmed when she first saw everything (just like I assumed she would be) but the first thing she noticed was the baby bed.  Now she is cooking up a storm in her kitchen and serving mini mouse at her table.  She always wants us to sit at her little table so she can bring us invisible food and feed us tea.  She has so much personality and all these fun things help her role play so much more fun.  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

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Audrey Crisp said...

Such a bummer and bad timing. Wes is sick too. No fun. Hope she's feeling better now! Fun Christmas!

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